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At Bhowmik Dave Photography, we would love to help provide you with all the services you need to commemorate your special event. Having a great time on your weather its you wedding day, birthday party or a corporate event, it is incredibly important to us, so, we’ve found a way to combine photos and fun for your enjoyment. Now, in addition to our typical photographer packages.

What does the Photobooth package include?

Our Photobooth package includes:

  1. 4 hours of Photobooth service
  2. 1 On-Site Professional Photographer to help run the Photobooth and facilitate guests
  3. Photobooth & Backdrop
  4. Photobooth Props

Can you put our names (or company logo) on the pictures?

Absolutely! Please feel free to use your own logo on the Photobooth images. If you don’t have a logo already, we would be happy to provide a link so that you may create a logo.

Do you supply props for the Photobooth?

Yes, we do! We have a large assortment of props for you and your guests to enjoy. We just ask that our clients be aware that certain venues have limitations on the props that can be used on their premises (confetti, still string, etc.) but we can help you in planning your Photobooth experience by contacting your venue on your behalf and verifying that information for you. You can also use your own props if you would like to stay within the theme of the event.

How big are the Photobooth print outs? Can I have multiple images per print out?

We have two types, 2 by 6” and 4 by 6” printouts. Each of these printouts include a custom position of photos or you can customize to your likings.

When can we view our pictures?

On the day of your event, the Photobooth will instantly print out a physical copy of your images for you and your guests. We will also provide you with links within 1-2 weeks of your event for you to view your entire photobooth gallery and download your favorite images. In addition, we also price different additional packages for the your special event. Additional packages include; A photo gallery book, printouts of all photos, and slideshow video.

Would I need to ensure a specific amount of space and power for the photobooth?

Yes, clients are responsible for arranging an appropriate amount of space for their photobooh which is 10’x7′ per booth. As for power, each photobooth requires a 110V, 3 prong outlet from a reliable power source within 50ft. (along a wall) of the set up area. The circuit must be free of all other connected loads and must not be on a dimmer. Each photobooth also requires 1,000W of power per booth.

What type of booths are you using?

We have the newest photobooth technology from a company called Photobooth Supply Co. Check out their promo video below.

What kind of backdrops do you have?

We want to provide clean and timeless backdrops so that the main attraction of these images are you and your guests. We carry and assortment of backdrops including:

  1. Black & White Damask
  2. Grey & White Chevron
  3. Grey
  4. Red & Black Baroque
  5. Rose Gold Sequin
  6. Sheer Black
  7. White & Black Baroque
  8. White

You are also more than welcome to use your own backdrop if you have one that better suites your event.